Contact Lenses

Not everyone wants to wear spectacles to correct their sight and contact lens are a fantastic alternative. Contact lenses are very flexible, you can wear them just for a night out, to play sport or every day, it’s up to you. Age is also not a barrier, we have patients from 10yrs to 80yrs old wearing contact lenses.

As an independent we can offer the widest possible range of contact lenses to ensure we get the best possible lens for you and your needs.

All contact lens appointments are conducted by Andrew to ensure continuity of care. He will teach you how to insert and remove your lenses confidently, and how to clean and maintain them in tip top condition.

Modern contact lenses are extremely comfortable and during the very first appointment patients often say ‘I just can’t feel them’.

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Daily disposables

These soft lenses are great for people who only want to wear lenses occasionally, for sport or social occasions. They are also great for the busy person who doesn’t want the hassle of cleaning and looking after lenses. As the name suggests you wear them once and throw them away, consequently they are the ultimate in safe hygienic lens wear.

Frequent replacement disposables

For more frequent wear (5, 6 or 7 days a week), then fortnightly or monthly lenses may be more suitable. With these lenses a simple daily cleaning routine and overnight storage is needed.

Conventional replacement soft lenses

Conventional replacement lenses can be tailor made to correct your prescription and normally last from 3 to 12 months. They are generally required for more complex prescriptions and the cleaning process for these soft lenses is similar to the frequent replacement disposable lenses.


Toric lenses
Toric lenses are specifically for people with astigmatism. This is when the cornea (the front surface of the eye) is slightly rugby ball shaped rather than football shaped. They are available as daily, monthly or annual replacement lenses.

Multifocal lenses

These are the contact lens equivalent of varifocal spectacles, and there are a number of different types of these lenses. They provide clear vision at near and far distances. They are also available as daily, frequent replacement or annual replacement lenses.


Gas permeable lenses

These are a rigid lenses made from special plastics that allow air to pass through microscopic spaces. They are tougher and slightly smaller than soft lenses and are designed for frequent daily use. They are available as six monthly or annual replacements.

Silicone Hydrogel

This is the latest material from which soft contact lenses are made. The silicone transfers oxygen through the lens much better (roughly 3 or 4 times better) than water does in the older hydrogel lenses. Consequently they are much better for your eyes. There is also an added bonus that the lens dehydrates less and so does not feel as dry towards the end of your wearing time. Almost all lens types are now made out of silicone hydrogel material. Andrew uses silicone hydrogel as his first choice material when fitting lenses, however in a few patients there are good clinical reasons why he may revert to the ordinary hydrogel material.


Andrew Lomas Optometrist Ltd runs a professional fee scheme to pay for your contact lens aftercare. We contact you every 6 months for a contact lens check and for a regular monthly fee of £5.50 all these contact lens appointments are included. Plus any extra contact lens appointments requested by the patient or advised by Andrew.

By doing this we can keep our lens pricing as low as possible and regularly match internet prices. Indeed our lenses start at £4.50 per month.